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SFI 1230 Bale Accumulator

The SFI 1230 Accumulator uses no hydraulics or electronics. It uses gravity to efficiently arrange the bales into a pack to be picked up with a Grabber mounted on your loader and stacked on a wagon or in the barn. The small square bale hay customer is now a busy professional who needs someone that understands his or her needs. These needs include curing and offsite storage; this increases the labor intensity of the farmer, thereby demanding a better bale handling system. The SFI 1230 accumulator system is designed to help these farmers minimize the labor involved in producing small square bales.

The SFI 1230 Accumulator is compatible with the THB Compact Square Balers Only!!!!!

Compact Square Baler & SFI 1230 Accumulator

Compact Square Baler & SFI 1230 Accumulator

The SFI 1230 accumulator allows for:

  • Bale size up to 34 inches
  • Increased productivity & Lower Labor cost
  • Any terrain - This machine does well on both hilly and flat terrain

The GRABBER 30HP Requried

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