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Bales Spears & Forks

MODEL 1500

ArmstrongAg's 3-point spear has a 2-1/4" in.diameter 48" long center spear that is tapered for easy entry into the bale. The two 1-1/2" stabilizer spears keep the round bale stationary on the center spear. Available in category I&II 3-point hitch. The RB1500 weighs approx. 132 lbs. and can handle up to a 2000 lb. round bale.

MODEL 2000

ArmstrongAg's heavy duty 3-Point fork is designed for many years of trouble free use.The RB2000 is available in category I or II 3-point hitch. The 58" long forks are made of 2-7/8" heavy wall pipe and are spaced 44" apart. The weight is approximately 165 lbs. and the RB2000 can carry up to a 2000 lb. round bale.

3-Point Model 1500 Spear

3-Point Model 2000 Fork

Round Bale Moving Equipment

RB1500I 3-point spear Cat. I
RB1500II 3-point spear Cat. II
RB2000I 3-point spear Cat. I
RB2000II 3-point spear Cat.II

ArmstrongAg's front end loader spear is available with adjustable brackets or with brackets for loaders with quick attach buckets. The 2-1/4" x 48" solid center spear and 1-1/2" solid round stabilizer spears are sturdy enough to carry 2000 lb. bales. The RB2500 weights 285 lbs.


RB2500 - PIN
RB2500 - SKID

ArmstrongAg's Bucket Mounted Spear allows you to stack 2000 lbs. round bales without the hassle of removing your front end loader bucket. With the mounting brackets bolted inside your loader bucket, only one pin is required to attach the bucket spear to the tractor. The RB3500 weights 162 lbs.


RB3500 Bucket Spear

Front End Loader Spear and Front Bale Forks

Front End Loader Fork - Model 4500

Front End Loader Spear - Model 5500

Front Bale Fork Prices

RB4500 - PIN
RB4500 - SKID

Large Square Bale Moving Equipment Prices

RB5500 - PIN
RB55000 - SKID

Pallet Forks

Pallet Forks

Pallet Forks

3 Models of Pallet Forks

  • Heavy Duty Floating pallet forks w/ built in collars to accommodate optional spear set
  • Pallet Forks w/ double slide bar mount - slides on 2 rails does not free float
  • Economy 2000# pallet forks (42" forks only)


Heavy Duty Floating pallet forks
Pallet Forks w/double slide bar
Economy Pallet Forks

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