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Chain & Arena Harrows

Chain Harrow

Chain Harrow

Chain Harrow Carrier

Chain Harrow Carrier

The Chain Harrows have flexible 2 way desing. Front & Back pull bars 2-7/8" x 1/4" Wall pipe. Mats are 5/8" round stock and heat treated. All pull bars and cahin splices are attched with quick links for Tangle Free Operation!

In the photo above take a look at the Chain Harrow Carrier, this is great for arenas or transporting. It's quick hitch compatible and we have one for each model of Chain Harrows. 3-point hitch and Cat. I, weight is 220 lbs.

Model CH4  CH8  CH12  CH16 
Length 4'  8'  12'  16' 
Weight 275lbs  490lbs  715lbs  920lbs 

Chain Harrow Carrier Pricing

Arena Harrow

The Arena Harrows come in 6Ft. & 7Ft., Cat. I quick hitch compatable.


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