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SFI Mini Sickle Bar Mowers

The SFI mini double acting sickle bar mowers are perfect for the sub compact tractor. They are quiet and have a high cutting quality. These mowers can be used at high speeds in very tall material and on un-even surfaces. A double acting sickle bar mower has a reciprocating guard which removes any material that can cause clogging. Mini sickle bar mowers are available in sizes: 3.4 Ft, 3.9FT, 4.4FT. All models are come with hydraulic lift or optional mechanical lift. The mini sickle bar mowers can cut vertically if needed.

BF MJ BF 105 MJ BF 120 MJ BF 135 MJ
Working Width (inches) 41.3 47.2 53.1
Weight (lb) 418 441 463
PTO rpm 540 540 540
Cutting speed Km/h 13-15 13-15 13-15
Power requested HP/kW 10-15 15-20 20-25
Prices $3129.00 $3194.00 $3241.00

SFI Double Acting Sickle Bar Mower getting ready to cut

SFI Sickle Bar Mower in action

SFI Sickle Bar Mower in action

SFI Sickle Bar Mower Cutting

BEFCO Sickle Bar Mowers


Befco's double action sickle bar mowers come complete with an adjustable top link that ensures a sharp clean cut. The double action sickle bar allows for a maximum working speed of up to 6.5 mph. Simple but tough construction along with a heavy duty P.T.O., weight compensation spring, transport blade protection and a safety release which protects the unit from obstructions in the field, all provide for a unit that will give years of trouble free service.

The hydraulic lift for easy transport and storage is standard on all Befco sickle bar mowers. With the capability of mowing 90° up 75° down (45° down on BSB-060) along with the low horsepower requirements make the Befco sickle bars capable of handling jobs that are not recommended for conventional disc mowers.

This sickle bar mower is more suitable for tractors 22hp and less over the SFI drum mower due to the lift capacity of tractors under 22hp.

Sickle Bar Technical Features

Sickle Bar, for tractors with PTO 540 rpm, 3 point hitch cat. 1

Model HP Working width Weight lb Lift Max. Working speed
BSB-060 15-40 60" 485 Hydraulic 6.5 mph
BSB-074 20-75 74" 518 Hydraulic 6.5 mph
BSB-084 20-75 84" 540 Hydraulic 6.5 mph
BSB-096 20-75 96" 595 Hydraulic 6.5 mph

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