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SFI Vineyard/Orchard Disc Mowers

The vineyard/orchard disc mowers are perfect for those who bale hay in areas where there are many obstacles or maneuverability is limited. We have located new machines from Italy and I know you will be as impressed as we are with these machines: Rear disc mowers are designed to be applied to tractors from 20 HP and up. The reduced weight is ideal to allow the small tractors to lift the equipment without problems. The great thing about these mowers is you can cut a wider working width using a smaller tractor due to the minimal weight and parasitic drag produced by conventional mowers


DMVR2050 DMVR2565 DMVR3580
Working Width (inch) 47.2 64.9 82.6
Transport Width (inch) 53.1 70.8 88.5
Weight (lb) 353 485 595
PTO rpm 540 540 540
Power requested HP 15 25 35
Number of discs 3 4 5
Number of blades for disc 2 2 2
Prices $4,345.00 $4,949.00 $5,786.00

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