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TYM Tractors are the next fan-favorite brand

Tym Tractors are a farmer’s best friend. These compact tractors have been manufactured for over 50 years across the globe. Are these tractors for everyone? No, but they are for people that like premiere equipment designed to excel.

A compact tractor typically starts selling around 10,000 dollars. While that might sound friendly, it doesn’t quite describe what you get with the Tym. The modern day Tym splintered out of the old Iseki models. In North America, those models were sold as Massey Ferguson and AgCo.

These Tym Tractors pack a lot of power for their punch. You can attach forks, add a 3-point snow blower, skid logs and even swipe through driveway debris. Whatever you ask, the TYM has answer for you. But, what about reliability?

TYM T454 Cab

That’s why we invite you to check out any number of Agricultural review sites. Compare the testimonials about these wonderful tractors to anything else on the market. When you bring Tym Tractors onto your farm, they will rarely leave your care.

But, what about resale asks the fans in the back of the room. While it is true that TYM is an independent brand among the big dogs, they are ahead of the game. Due to their cheaper and independent status, they have become fast reliable machinery among younger and first-time farmers. Even the small farm crowd has been deploying them when old standbys fail.

This means that not only do you get an impeccable tractor, you get to look hip. So, head out there with your head held high. Be the change you want to see in the farming world.

You need a Model 100 PTO Adapter

The Model 100 PTO Adapter by Small Farm Innovations’ Phil Livengood is the newest SFI creation. Mister Livengood imagines a world with Easy On PTO Adapters. That’s right, fellow farmers. Just imagine a PTO adapter that will easily work with most tractors. If that wasn’t enough, it can work with two methods of retaining coupling. This adapter will stay connected even with reverse loads.


Never again will you fight with a stubborn PTO shaft. If that isn’t enough, the traditional PTO is a cause of common farm injuries. Famous Detroit Tigers pitcher Mark Fidrych was slain working on a Dump Truck’s PTO. The farm life is hard enough without having to worry about unsafe equipment causing you harm. That’s why it’s time to invest in the Model 100 PTO Adapter.

What was once a dream can now be a reality for your small farm. It doesn’t matter if it is helping a tractor, baler or for tillage. The job succeeds with the PTO Adapter. But, how do you get a PTO Adapter?

Small Farm Innovations Easy On PTO Adapter is currently in production. Our Model M100 is ready to roll. If you’d like to learn more about it, visit its page on the Small Farm Innovations website.

Call and order yours today for only $299.00 plus shipping!

The Model 100 PTO Adapter is patent approved.