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The Model M100 PTO Adapter: A Hassle-Free Tool for Small Farms

The Model M100 PTO Adapter is Small Farms Innovations’ hassle-free PTO Adapter. If you have ever used a PTO adapter in the past, you have an idea of what they can do. But the real power of a PTO adapter is in the convenience it can provide. Have you had to attach a trailer in subzero temperatures at 5:00 a.m. with numb fingers? A Model M100 PTO Adapter might have come in handy.

Don’t let weather or a broken PTO shaft interrupt your workday

This PTO Adapter is rated for 125 HP. The ability to handle this much power means that the M100 PTO Adapter will help extend the life of a tractor’s PTO shaft. That means having more seasons of being able to attach any implement to your tractor. Having that much time saved makes you more efficient in a time where every advantage counts. But what makes this tool so advantageous?

model m100 pto

M100 PTO Adapter Advantages

The M100’s innovative design boasts several key features to take the hassle out of your daily farm work.

To use it, simply attach it to your tractor’s PTO, remove the lynch pins, pull off the male end, slide it into the PTO shaft, align the two arbors, slide the two units together, and reinstall the lynch pins. Watch our helpful tutorial video to see installation in action.

Helpful Tip: Lynch pins are notorious for getting lost. If you lose one, replace it with a ½” coarse-thread cap screw.

M100 PTO Adapter Tractor Compatibility

The Model M100 PTO Adapter is compatible with most USA-made tractors. If you’re not quite sure, feel free to contact Small Farms Innovations to confirm if your tractor will work well with the Model M100 PTO. All questions are welcome as Small Farms is focused on making sure you have the best Ag experience possible.

As you browse Small Farm Innovations, take a moment to compare our various products that can improve your work. The Model M100 PTO Adapter is about making your job more efficient. Who doesn’t want to spend less time doing busy work in the dark or the cold? A successful business life is about doing what you can to make a profit without wasting time.

Model 100 PTO Adapter

The Model M100 PTO Adapter is an exciting evergreen offering from your friends at Small Farm Innovations. Consider this, if you might not currently have an urgent need for implement and towing help. The M100 is one of several innovative products that can extend the life of your equipment to keep your farm running smoothly. If you have any questions, stop by the site and contact us. We love to help small farms succeed and thrive.