F A Q's

Question:  We have never baled hay before on our property, can we learn how ?
Answer:      Many of your customers have never baled hay or operated a baler and the related equipment. We can travel to your farm, deliver your equipment, fit everything to your tractor(s) and then show you how to operate it and maintain it.  Some people find it easy enough to learn on their own.

Question:  How do you ship the balers mowers and rakes?
Answer:   We can deliver your equipment fully assembled for $2.00 / mile one way so we can show how to operate it.  Or you can take the less expensive route and have it truck shipped.  We will still be by the phone to give you support.

Question:  What should I do before my equipment arrives?
Answer:   Make sure the lift arms on your tractor (s) are lubricated and functioning properly.  Make sure all tires are fully inflated and brakes and steering work with out issues.  Make sure the PTO shaft is clean from rust and well lubricated.  Make sure the delivery truck can get in out of your place fairly easy. 

Question:  What Type of Twine do these balers use?    
Answer:      Any USA made twine.  Poly is preferred for the square balers.

Question:  How many bales will a roll of net wrap cover from the MRB 855? 
Answer:     300 + if you wrap twice, 200 + if you wrap three times.

Question:  How many bales can the square baler bale an hour?
Answer:     300 + /hr in good conditions and depending on the length of bale and how heavy a windrow.
Question:  How many bales can the MRB 850 bale in an hour?   
Answer:     100+ /hr in good conditions. 

Question:  How many bales can the MRB 855 bale an hour?
Answer:     115 + /hr in good conditions.

Question:   Why should I buy a more expensive net wrap baler?
Answer:     If you're going to sell your hay and it's going to be handled a lot there will be much less loss plus net wrapped bales look better.  If you bale leaves, pine, rice or wheat straw for mulch the net wrap is the way to go. 

Question:  How many bales can the TRB 910 bale an hour?
Answer:     25 in good conditions.

Question:  Do I need remote hydraulics to operate these balers?
Answer:     No, however you do need 12 volts.

Question:  Are the machines hard to assemble?
Answer:     No, the mini round balers come in a steel crate.  It takes longer to uncrate them to assemble them.  First, back your tractor up to the crate, connect your center link to the baler then lock your brakes.  Using your center link as a jack, extend the link holding the front of the baler up to allow the front of the crate to be removed.  Once removed, lower jack stand then lower baler to allow all the weight of the baler on the jack stand that comes with the baler.  Remove the rest of the crate, fully attach the baler tractor and attach the wheels with one bolt then you're good to go.  All other balers come assembled.

Question:    Can the mini round or the TRB 910 balers work on an older tractor like an H Farmall or 8N Ford with out live PTO?
Answer:       Yes but not recommended.  You have to stop forward movement with the PTO running to allow the baler to wrap or tie the bale.  If you have a older tractor you will have to press the clutch, shift to neutral, release the clutch allow the bale to tie and be discharged then press the clutch  again to shift into gear and start forward movement again  100 + times an acre.

Question:   How wide a windrow will the THB Square Baler take?
Answer:      48" , 36" wide preferred.


Question:   How wide a wind row will the MRB balers take?
Answer:      30"


Question:  How wide a windrow will a TRB 910 take?
Answer:     36"

Question:  Where are the balers made?
Answer:     Japan

Question:  What do the bales weigh? 
Answer:     Square bales 15-70 lbs depending on length (15"-39") and moisture content.  Our square bales weigh 38-42 lbs 28" long.   Mini round bales are 35/65lbs depending on density and moisture content.  TRB 910 bales 150 to 500 lbs depending on density and moisture content.

Question: What size bale do the mini round balers produce?
Answer. 26 inches wide 22 inches in diameter

Question:   Why should I buy an Japan compact hay baler when I can buy a China built Star baler that looks the same for less? 
The China built Star  products are imitations and not legally sold in the USA.  The China built Star balers you may be able to import yourself, are counterfeit balers manufactured in China by companies without the license to build these machines.  Parts for an China built Start baler may look similar to the  Japanese part  but may not properly fit.  We sell parts for these machines but will not provide warranty for those parts.

Question:    Why should I buy an compact square baler instead of a USA made baler? 
Our balers produce a consistent smaller hay bale that is very marketable at a lower cost.  The baler is much easier to move from one location to another, easier to handle in small fields with many obstacles and it requires less HP/fuel to operate and is just as productive. If you allready own a compact tractor we have the highly productive baler to fit it.

Question:  How long will thecompact balers last?
Answer:     People in the pine straw industry have baled up to 80,000 bales with out a failure.  Those in the pine straw industry will bale 40,000 to 80,000 bales a year with out a failure which will be a life time to those baling hay.

Question:  What about parts and service?
We have parts in inventory at our facility in Caldwell Texas.  These machines are very easy to work on if needed.  If you know how to and can change your own oil, you can work on these machines. Should a failure occur and if you cannot fix your baler or drum mower yourself we will travel to your location or arrange a local mechanic to service it for you.  Remember we are open 24 / 7   979-200-1473.  So far, we have not had to warrant anything on any of our products that was caused by faulty workmanship.  Sometimes the owner will make a mistake while operating his/her baler like opening the baler before the bale is wrapped and the twine has cut.  They automatically think there is something wrong with the machine when it was operator error.  We give them a procedure over the phone how to correct the problem and shortly after they realize the mistake and are happily baling once again.

Question:  What is the warranty for compact balers? 
Answer:     One year on Parts.

Question:  What is the warranty for SFI Drum Mowers?

Answer:     Three Years on Parts.

Question:  What is different about SFI drum mower than other drum mowers?
Answer:     Very little, however our drums rotate faster and are closer together so everything gets cut in its path.  They cut more level than any other drum mower.  Our warranty is three years others is one or two years, that shows how confident we are in the machines we sell.

Question:  Will a drum mower work in the hills and hills with terraces?
Answer:     Yes.

Question:  Will a drum mower cut forage over 5 ft tall?
Answer:     Yes very easily.

Question:  How long will the blades last?
Answer:     Blades are reversible.  Using thr tool supplies with the mower, simpley remove it turn it over and stick it back in.   If you keep the blades out of the dirt, rocks etc they can last up to 100 acres with out change. If you drag your mower through fire ant and gopher mounds probably 20 acres.

Question:  Where do I get blades?

Answer:     You can order on our online Farm Store or at your local farm supply store.

Question:  Does the Drum mower have an over running clutch?
Answer:     Yes on the PTO shaft.

Question:  Do Drum Mowers require Hydraulics?
Answer:     No, the drum mower manually folds behind the tractor for transport.

Question:   Why should I purchase a SFI drum mower?
Answer:      We are open 24 / 7 for customer support, call anybody else Sunday afternoon and see who answers the phone.  We have a three year warranty while others do not.  We sell our mowers for less to pass the savings on to the customer. We try to sell great quality and reliability at the lowest price possible.

Question:  How long does the curtain on your drum mower last?
Answer:     Many years providing you do not hit a lot of solid objects.

Question:  Can the drum mowers be shipped fully assembled?
Answer:     Yes. 

Question:  What kind of lube oil goes into the gear box on the drum mowers?
Answer:      85/140 wt

Question:  How much maintenance is required on the drum mowers?
Answer:     Tighten belts after the first two or three acres if needed, Grease before use and change oil in gear box once every two years. 85 / 140 wt oil. Change blades when they get dull

Question:   Where are the mowers made?
Answer:     Turkey
under SFI specifications.