TRB 910 3' X 3' Round Baler

  • The TRB 910 is the perfect choice for those small acreage farmers that raise their own live stock and have little help when it comes to handling hay or feeding time.
  • Pine Straw producers are starting to use these machines to produce bulk bales so they can re-bale the bulk bales year round with an IHI square baler. This method continuously supplies their customers year round.
  • The baler is the perfect size to get through the woods and is very maneuverable. Bale weight can range from 200 to 400 lbs. depending on density and moisture content. Bales can be easily moved manually. Bales keep their density, the tying system is quick and it allows you to double tie if you prefer. Uses the same twine as all other balers sold in the USA.
  • The hitch swivels in front of the baler so you can bale in areas where maneuverability is limited.
  • The minimum horsepower required is 18 and the baler has a self contained hydraulic system therefore your tractor does not require remote outlets. All you need is 12 volts from your tractor battery to open and close the baler from the driver's seat.
  • Grass hay bales produced by this baler, usually sell for $18.00 to $22.00 each therefore your selling price per ton and profit is higher when compared to larger round bales.