Are you looking for a solution to the problems listed below?

  • I want good looking square bales but do not like to lift 60 pounds all day long.
  • My kids cannot feed their livestock because square bales weigh too much.
  • I want to contract bale to make extra money but do not wish to invest in a bigger tractor and baler or equipment to haul it from one field to another.
  • I have neighbors that own horses, goats, cattle etc. and like me, they are always looking for hay or need someone to bale their small hay fields for them.
  • People who contract bale show up when they want to or not at all.

The solution to the problems listed above is the THB series here is why!

The THB series is a high production machine which can bale over 300 bales an hour in good conditions. This machine has very simple knotter system which makes it very reliable. This baler is very easy to operate and maintain. Pull into the field, set your desired length and density and start baling great looking bales that do not give you a backache. It may be easier to get help getting the hay into storage if the bales weigh less. You can bale with a tractor that has a minimum of 15HP up to tractors in excess of 50HP if desired there is no PTO HP limit. So if you already own a compact tractor, there is no need to purchase a bigger tractor and baler which can be a 50k to 70k investment according to our customers. The bales produced by the THB series balers are very marketable. This is the square baler widely use in the pine straw industry due to it's narrow width, productivity and reliability.
Compact Square Balers

The past two years, we had more requests for the 1070 units due to the two point hitch system. This two point system allows the operator to turn 90 degrees of the baler for maximum maneuverability and ease of operation. The THB 1070 units have a centralized lube system which permits easy, clean and uniform lubrication to the knotter system. The THB 1070 is great for those who bale in areas with a lot of obstacles but still can produce over 275 bales per hour with 20 PTO HP. We baled 330 bales /hr. using a tractor with 26 PTO HP. This baler combined with our 1230 bale accumulator is a very productive system that will put more hay in the barn in less time.We took a great baler and made it better. The new features are a longer bale chamber, centralized lubrication system, and an optional two point hook up

The longer bale chamber increases the already proven bale consistency. The added length will help those individuals that bale different types of material throughout the year, like pine straw to rye grass. The THB Series baler has a 13 inch by 17 inch bale chamber which requires much less horsepower (15 minimum PTO HP) to produce a smaller, easier to handle and very marketable hay bale. Bale length can vary from 15 inches to 40inches and bale weight of a 28lbs to 60lbs, bale averages 38lbs depending on moisture content.

The optional centralize lube system decreases maintenance time and mess. It accurately meters the grease to each point on the knotter system.

The two point hook up is for those individuals who want a high production machine. The baler can be turned very sharply with the tractor without having to turn the PTO off to eliminate damage to the PTO shaft. The two point hook up also allows the operator to vary the pickup height if needed from the tractor seat.

The THB 1070 is designed to bale in fields that have many obstacles. With the narrow pickup design, it can be easily be loaded on typical flat bed trailer. The quick easy loading method makes the THB 1070 baler a great choice for those who bale in areas where many small fields exist or in the woods for baling pine straw. These balers can easily produce 250 bales per hour in good conditions.

The THB 1070 has Centralized lube and the two point hook up.

Bale accumulators systems are being designed for the THB line of balers. Most accumulator systems will work with little to no modification.

Balers have one year warranty on parts and service. Customer support is 24/7/365. Customer service is our best product!