Our Pride Is Your Satisfaction  Corsa 420 Round Balers

The traditional manufacturing quality meets the user’s requirements in terms of reliability, high performance, easiness and economy by the round baler fixed chamber series. Its system with bars and chain allows perfect harvesting of every kind of product, with a strong machine
and a right mix of quality and price.                                                                                                              


  • Pick-up standard of 1.70 m and wide equipped with two conveyors augers for a fast and high harvesting of every kind of product.
  • Standard high bars allow higher and very uniform pressure in the entire bale’s surface.
  • The alternative comb-feeder makes the entrance of every kind of product in the pre-chamber easy, avoiding over flooding and slowing down.
  • The variable carriageway allows it to work also in hilly zones and in narrow spaces.
  • Mechanic hooks adjust the door closing allowing reaching a higher weight bale
  • Pressure bar allows adjusting the bale’s density according to the product to press.
  • Electrical signal advises directly from the tractor’s cabin when the chamber is full.
  • Adjustable draw-bar with the possibility to change the height from the ground to the ground to the machine’s body for adjusting the different types of tractor.

The Mascar 420 120X120CM (4ft x 4ft) Fixed Chamber Round Baler

We tested this machine for two years and found it is more user friendly than other balers in its class. This machine was tested on a tractor with 26 PTO horsepower in the hills and found no power issues. Even though the machine can operate on a 26 PTO HP tractor, it is not recommended. The tractor must have 30 PTO horsepower to safely operate this baler.  The baler has a shear bolt for overload protection.

This baler comes standard with a mechanical net wrapping or twine wrapping system, when the baler is full, an alarm will sound and you simply pull on a rope to introduce twine or net wrap to the baler. There is an optional electronic control system for the net wrap system and any 4' net wrap will work in this baler.  The baler requires one set of hydraulic remotes from rear of tractor or from front end loader control valve and 12 volts to operate the alarm.  This baler produces a bale that weighs 300 to 800lbs depending on moisture content and bale density.   This baler can be towed at speeds in excess of 40mph and has brake and turn signals.  The pickup on this baler is raised and lowered hydraulically.  The baler can produce 6 bales at 400lb or more an hour in average conditions or easily cover 25 acres per day with little experience.