Mini Round Balers
What Size Tractor Do I Need?

  • If your tractor will lift 900lbs, it will operate our compact round balers.
  • If your tractor has 15 to 150 PTO HP then it will operate our compact hay balers.
  • If your tractor has a PTO you can operate our compact hay balers.
  • If your tractor was manufactured after 1962, you should have live PTO utilizing the 2 stage clutch system which makes it easier to operate.

Which Baler Do I Choose? What's right for my tractor?

If your tractor can lift 900lbs and has a pto shaft we have a baler that will fit your tractor. We deliver anywhere in the USA or can have the machines shipped to you by a trucking company, which is less expensive

What if I have never baled hay before?

You are not alone, 99% of our customers have never baled hay before. We can provide you on and off site training to insure your successful at baling hay. Let us know your location so we may get you in touch with a customer or dealer near you to look at the equipment and find what training worked best for them. After the purchase of your equipment we provide continued support 24/7/365 just ask our customers.

What if I want to sell my hay?
We have found the TRB910, Corsa 4x4 or Square Balers we offer seem to be the best baler for this application.

What if I want to contract bale?

Any of our balers will fit this application. We suggest that you charge a minimum of 400.00 and 100.00 per acre to get an adequate ROI on your equipment, fuel and time invested. A good average for square bales or mini round balers per acre is 75. A good average for the TRB910 (3x3 round bales) per acre is 18. A good average for the Mascar (4x4 round bales) per acre is 10. These averages will help you do some calculations for justification and profit.

Do you want a square baler or a round baler?
* If you have horses and they are in stalls and you regulate the amount of hay they eat each day then a square baler is the way to go. If you want to bale 25 tons or more in a day the square baler is the way to go. * If you do not want to handle the hay by hand and use your tractor to do all the heavy lifting then the TRB 910 or the 4X4 baler is the right choice for you. * If you want bales of hay at minimal cost and do not care about the configuration of the bales then the mini round is your machine.

If you have a worn out square baler and are leaning towards the mini round baler because of price and you want a 60lb bale, be advised the mini round cannot produce 350 bales an hour like a reliable square baler. If you live in the northeastern part of the USA where the first cutting of hay is in excess of 3 feet tall and you have no experience at baling hay, try to go with the gyro rake because farmers with little experience with a wheel rake may produce windrows too large for the mini round which will cause very slow operation and plugging. We know the gyro rake may not be affordable and the wheel rake is your only option make sure you consult us for advice before and during the raking process. If the wheel rake is your choice you want to achieve a maximum row width of 24" to insure highly productive baling. What I tell our customers you learn how to rake once you operate a baler.

MRB850T Mini Round Baler

Our best selling baler is the MRB850T because of reliability, affordability and ease of operation. This fixed chambered baler produces a bale 22" diameter and 27" long. It has the ability to produce over one hundred bales weighing 35 to 60 lbs per hour on very little horsepower. The baler has it's own hydraulic pump therefore no expensive modification to your current tractor is required the only thing you need is the 12 volt battery that's used on your tractor to operate this baler. This baler is perfect for the small acreage farmer who wants to produce their own hay on their time to control quality. This baler does not require any special twine to wrap it's bales. It does require 18 PTO horsepower or a tractor that can safely lift 900 lbs. The MRB850T has an auto twine binding system. To discharge the bale, just simply pull on a rope, the baler quickly opens, discharging the bale. This baler mounts to the three point hitch on a tractor, this makes storage and baling in small places very easy.

Women and children like the lighter bales so you can finally get some help when it comes to feeding time.