Mini Round Balers

What Size Tractor Do I Need?

  • If your tractor will lift 900lbs, it will operate our compact round balers.
  • If your tractor has 15 to 150 PTO HP then it will operate our compact hay balers.
  • If your tractor has a PTO you can operate our compact hay balers.
  • If your tractor was manufactured after 1962, you should have live PTO utilizing the 2 stage clutch system which makes it easier to operate.

The MRB855 net baler is the number one choice for the US Pine Straw Industry because of its reliability, productivity bale size and unlimited support. This baler has a history of baling over 40,000 bales in harsh conditions before its first failure. The baler produces a 22"diameter by 27" long bale from 30 to 60 lbs. depending on hay moisture content. The MRB855N has an auto wrap system that alarms the operator the baler is ready to wrap, at that time the operator simply stops forward movement and the baler starts wrapping the bale within two seconds. The MRB 855 has an electronic control system for wrapping and discharging the bale. You can select manual or auto wrap. Auto Wrap occurs 2 seconds after horn sounds. Wrapping is very fast, when the bale is wrapped, push a button on the control module to discharge the bale. The automated system along with net wrap gives this baler a significant production advantage over the MRB850. This baler can produce over 120 bales per hour or more in ideal conditions. The MRB855N baler requires a special size 27" net wrap purchased at Small Farm Innovations. This baler mount to the three point hitch on a tractor, which makes storage and baling in small places very easy, it require minimum 18HP, no hydraulics from your tractor all's you need is 12 volts.
The net wrap bales are a better bale for those who wish to contract bale and sell bales for hay, mulch or crafts.