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Do I need a baler or a wrapper?

The hay baler is a staple of the modern farm. Taking what was once done by hand into the modern era has been the baler’s task in recent generations. To those not living on the farm, it might seem like a one stop answer to your hay needs.

A hay wrapper is a means of properly storing your hay against the elements and related parasites. Many small farmers don’t realize the sheer volume of varmints or mold that can get into their smaller bales of hay. The wrong kind of flax grass mixed into your hay bales and a grazing cow can become horribly ill.

hay wrapper baler

Fears like that might push you away from baling your own hay, but let’s take a step back. You own a small farm for a reason. As a small farmer, you want to produce hay and other things on your own time. That way you can control the quality and produce a better product. But, what of the costs?

One thing to watch out for is how fast this hay equipment can depreciate. That’s why several farmers don’t directly engage in first-tier ownership. However, if you’re going to be needing a constant supply of hay, it’s in your favor to purchase a hay baler.

No one gets into farming to be unsuccessful. While there are costs associated with beginning your journey into the Ag industry, there is no time like the present.