4X4 Net

This is the Archive for the 4×4 Net Balers.


The Net Baler is a Round Baler that carefully wraps your hay. They tend to be the entry level points for small farmers. Some of our more advanced customers will lean towards the Corsa 420 Round Baler 4X4 Net. That mechnical net wrapping system is pretty attractive.


However, the Net Wrapped Round Balers have their fans. Not every farmer is going to need a burly baler to tame the wilds of their property. Some of our repeat customers have farmers that barely crack 25 acres.


While that might seem like a pittance for a baler, the mini and net balers can get that job done. Plus, the bales tend to weight between 300-800 pounds a piece. That’s a lot of heft, but it’s less of a burden than the giant round bales that tower over many small farmers.


So, who is this Net Baler for in our modern era? Well, anyone that has a dream, land and the willingness to make hay. Can Small Farm Innovations count you as a 4×4 Net Baler fan?

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