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Shrinking the Farm: Mini Hay Balers

Mini Hay Balers are essential to shrinking the footprint of your small farm. What exactly does that mean? Well, the small farmer faces certain challenges that aren’t typical of the more traditional setup. Specifically, land is a fixed quantity and most equipment was designed for the larger pastoral settings.

When many potentially interested farmers and Agribusiness types learn of small farms, their response varies. They either enjoy learning that they can farm at scale. Others feel like they might be getting cheated out of the traditional farming experience.

mini hay balers

Some might wonder about the operational costs of Mini Hay Balers. A lot of customers when trying to make up their mind about baling their own hay scoff at the initial price. They’ll often try to plan long-term math out, as they figure out the economics of producing feed for livestock on-site.

Small farms have a lot more to figure out when making those big purchases. That’s why it pays to work with an educated partner that wants to help you achieve your dreams. Your small farm can be a reality.

Small Farm Innovations is here to say…there is a future in going small. As equipment meets the needs of those that aren’t producing at commercial level, you’ll want to find a partner that can match your needs.