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What do I need for my small farming needs?

Hay balers come in many shapes and sizes. While we discussed the various balers before, let’s examine farming needs. After all, not every small farming interest is the shame. Some people are happy to have square balers for easy use and removal.

Others realize the need for having round bales that might be slightly costlier but produce longer lasting results.

Small farming needs hay

Less hay is being produced. This has led to a rise of DIY hay farmers in America. Seemingly gone are the days of spending weeks between cutting, drying and baling hay. New balers have sliced that time down and given the ability to farm to a new generation of Agribusiness hopefuls.

Fewer hay acres have led to higher hay prices at market. Whether it’s Canada or the United States, we’re seeing events like drought coupled with diminished hay production producing a perfect storm. So, remember that as you select the hay baler for your farm.

While you might worry about cost or producing extra hay, realize that you could be feeding a demanding market that desperately needs hay. Livestock still need to eat and not everyone has the time and space to farm hay.

small farm

Plus, dryer summers combined with growing market need creates demand. There are plenty of small farmers that grow enough just to get through the year. But, what about those that go for something more?

Are there obstacles to small farming?

Many farms sport hills, rocky terrain and dangerous corners that rule out using large mowers and balers. Small Farm Innovations caters to the farmers that aren’t working at a corporate/industrial level. You might be one of the guys and gals out there that has a proud 20-40 acres they work. Small Farm is in your corner.

Knowing what we know about the hay market and concerns over getting the right hay baler, we’ll leave you with this. Do you want to cover your feed needs? If there is extra hay, do you want to sell hay to your farming community to help take care of their livestock? How concerned are you with your operational costs?

After you have an idea of what you want your baling future to look like, reach out to Small Farm Innovations. We have supportive staff waiting to take your questions and find the right baler for your needs. Purpose drives size at Small Farm Innovations.