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Small Farm Innovations’ Niche

Small Farm Innovations’ name arrives from our core ideal. Innovate all farm equipment. That is the idea of providing the small acreage farmer and equine enthusiast with innovations. These are innovative, low maintenance, highly efficient, cost-effective solutions to produce high-quality forage products.

In the past, many small acreage farmers in North America had few options. The easiest route was to turn to contractors to bale hay. Also, they were forced to purchase expensive large equipment. Most of which is the only thing available at farm equipment stores. In most cases,  the result of contract baling usually results in a very low-quality product.

Purchasing larger new equipment is not cost effective for the small acreage farmer. Therefore, many may buy used equipment and undertake the burden of spending their time making repairs on used machinery. As a result, they’re doing mechanical work instead of baling hay. Which in turn, provides the same results as stated earlier.

Our mission at Small Farm Innovations

Our mission at Small Farm Innovations is to provide small acreage farmers with mini round balers that produce a 22 inch by 27-inch bale that will weigh from 30-60 pounds. We sell a middle roll baler that produces a 33 inch by 35 inches round bale with a weight of 200-500 pounds. Square balers are also available at Small Farm Innovations. These balers come with smaller bale chambers producing a perfect square bale for the female equine enthusiast.

Plus, the square balers have an optional 12 bale accumulation systems that provide the end user the ability to move and store square bales mechanically instead of by hand. One of the great things about our balers is its ability to be powered with a tractor that has as little as 18 PTO Horsepower.

Farm equipment for the farmers

Small Farm Innovations sells drum mowers that range from 4 feet to 6 feet in cutting widths. They are sold with the nation’s best warranty. Drum mowers are very efficient hay mowing machines that require less time per acre. Especially when cutting hay at nearly ½ the cost per foot of the larger disc mowers. We also sell many types of hay rakes and other implements as well.

Small Farm Innovations is a company that diligently provides 24 / 7 customer support. Many of our customers never baled hay nor own forage equipment. Therefore, we must be there for that customer to support and help produce the high-quality hay they have strive to produce. Come see our farm equipment.