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Safety Zone Calf Catchers

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  • Enables quick and safe calf catching!
  • Convenient, step in access for producer!
  • Holder secures calf for easy processing!
  • User-friendly inside release of calf to cow!
If you like how all of that sounds, Small Farm Innovations invites you to check out our Safety Zone Calf Catchers. For the small farmers with cattle, a calf catcher can make all the difference in the world. Are you concerned about your cattle and calves being process in a clear-cut manner? The Safety Zone Calf Catchers moves calves quickly through the system with less stress. The mother cattle can smell their calves and everyone is kept in a clear and orderly fashion. It's so easy that even one person can make it work. While that's all well and good, what will make the difference for you? It boils down to convenience and ease. You can guide any kind of cattle into the catcher for easy branding and care. Never worry about having a mama cow attack you for trying to check on a newborn. The Safety Zone Calf Catcher makes for a safe farm life for all. For the reasons, we approve of this catch. Improve your livestock handling today with a Safety Zone Calf Catcher.

Pat’s Easy Change Quick Hitch

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Pat's New Hitches
  • All orders are plus shipping!
  • Hook the Lift Arms to the Implement from the Tractor!
  • Similarly, no changes are necessary for the tractor or implements!
  • Above all, everything needed for tractor installation is included in this set
All of these perks await you with Pat's Easy Change Quick Hitch. Flexibility, durability and affordable makes this Easy Chance Quick Hitch into a godsend. Therefore, Small Farm Innovations recommends picking it up today. Quick Hitch

Model M100 PTO Adapter

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  • Current horsepower rating 125 hp
  • Rpm 540
  • Torque rating 1200 ft/lbs
  • Constructed of 1018 and 1144 steel with 96,000 lbs of shear strength
  • Shfat size 1-3/8” 6 spline