Safety Zone Calf Catchers

  • Enables quick and safe calf catching!
  • Convenient, step in access for producer!
  • Holder secures calf for easy processing!
  • User-friendly inside release of calf to cow!

Pat’s Easy Change Quick Hitch

  • All orders are plus shipping!
  • Hook the Lift Arms to the Implement from the Tractor!
  • No changes are necessary for the tractor or implements!
  • Everything needed to install on a tractor is included in a set

Model M100 PTO Adapter

  • Current horsepower rating 125hp
  • Rpm 540
  • Torque rating 1200ft/lbs
  • Constructed of 1018 and 1144 stell with 96,000lbs ofg shear strength
  • Shfat size 1-3/8” 6 spline